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Nafisé Nina Hodjat, Esq.

Licensed in CA and NY

Bio and experience

8484 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 515
Beverly Hills, CA  90211

N. Nina Hodjat, Esq. will personally work on your case and be involved in all aspects of your DMV and court hearings. Ms. Hodjat’s passion for DUI stemmed from helping her friends and family who were faced with a DUI Charge. She has successfully defended DUI cases throughout Southern California, in the following counties: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and San Diego.

Attorney N. Nina Hodjat is licensed to practice in California and New York. She regularly attends seminars on Criminal Law and DUI law to keep abreast of all of the newest developments that can affect a clients’ case.Additionally, Ms. Hodjat is a member of the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, California DUI Lawyers Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers,p and the National College of DUI Defense.

Professional Background:

Attorney N. Nina Hodjat is a dynamic and knowledgeable figure with vast experience in the legal world…from proving legal analysis on current issues, to winning legal motions throughout Southern California Courts, to teaching prospective lawyers how to pass the bar in the two most challenging states (California and New York) – Nina humbly and passionately strives to do it all
and do it well!

Attorney Hodjat started as an Undergraduate Double Major in Psychology and Criminology at the University of California, Irvine. Although she received grants, Nina worked full-time as a legal clerk at a one of the top law firms in Newport Beach to gain better insight world she wanted to enter.

Ms. Hodjat’s passion for law and sports eventually landed her at Hofstra University Law School, where she received a Sports Law Scholarship courtesy of the Boomer Esiason Foundation. During law school, Ms. Hodjat was the Vice President for Public Relations of the Sports Law Society, clerked for a NY Supreme Court Judge and prepared materials for a seminar held by Professor Monroe Freedman, one of the figureheads in legal ethics.

After law school, Ms. Hodjat moved back to Los Angeles where she was legal counsel to several up and coming businesses in Los Angeles and overseas. Ms. Hodjat’s legal experience includes both civil litigation and criminal defense, and she is licensed to practice law in both New York and California – which is not a common path for most attorneys. Ms. Hodjat’s practice currently is focused primarily on criminal and DUI defense, and she is a consultant on civil litigation matters. Ms. Hodjat is an editor for Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine and continues to provide commentary and legal analysis on current legal affairs.

In addition to her professional activities, Ms. Hodjat is a certified yoga instructor and an amateur improv comic. She is actively involved in charitable causes such as One World Peace Day and social entrepreneurial conferences such as the Los Angeles Idea Project.

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